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The electronic hair straightening and ironing industry goes two centuries back. But it was only at the start of the last century that a device for hair straightening was actually invented. However the electronic hair straightener has undergone numerous changes since then having come a long way as such.

The electronic hair straightening devices use heat in order to straighten the curls in the hair and are quite different from the clothing irons. Though the ironing process can be done at different temperatures, it is best to set the temperature at the lowest possible limit in order to avoid damage to the hair. The hair tolerance levels differ from one person to another so you might also seek some advice from a hair expert before you use an electronic straightener. electronic shops hosur road

There are mainly two types of electronic hair straighteners; the metal coated ones or the ones with ceramic blades. Of the two, the ceramic plated irons are the better quality and therefore more expensive straighteners. The reason behind it is that metal irons tend to dry the hair sometimes even burning them due to unequal distribution of heat. However the ceramic blades by way of equal distribution of heat all over the plate do not do so. Also, the cooling rate is much faster in case of the ceramic irons. Thus the ceramic hair straightener allows the hair to retain all its oil content even while removing the hydrogen bond. Thus the hair ends up being straight.

Thus as per experts, it is always advisable to choose the ceramic straightener over the metal plated ones. But if the usage is only for occasional purposes or there is a budget constraint, then you may still go for the metallic electronic hair straightener.

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