What’s So Great About the oneplus nord 2?


The new Phone from Oxygen is the OnePlus Nord. This is an affordable smartphone with a very powerful display. The phone comes with a very large screen, which offers you high quality graphics rendering. The device also features a very attractive and futuristic design. Users find this unique feature very attractive and they can be assured of a great user experience. oneplus nord 2

The first time users of the One Plus Nordic found it difficult to take quality images. This has been fixed with the release of the second generation of smartphones from Oxygen. The new devices have a complete set of tools which helps you capture beautiful shots. The second generation of these handsets has introduced a new low-light mode for those who are looking for something more vibrant. The low-light mode of the handset allows you to enjoy the beautiful outdoor lights of your surroundings.

The one plus 2 come with an advanced multi-orientation image capturing technology. It offers you an enhanced one-of-a-kind viewing experience with the introduction of Dual Shot. This enables you to click multiple pictures and switch between them using a single tap. The regular picture capture modes allow you to select an image from the gallery and save it as a JPEG file. If you want to change the same picture, you can simply select the ‘resume’ option present on the home screen.

The camera of the One Plus Nordic is one of the best available on the market. It features an f/2.0 aperture that provides bright images even in bright lights. You can easily snap images indoors and out of the corners of your room. The excellent image stabilization system enables you to take clear images of faces and action without blurring them.

The color of the lens is another important feature that distinguishes this device from others. You can check out its lens color in the white version of the handset along with the black color of the regular model. The onerous nord 2 is priced at an attractive price point and is perfect for people who use the camera mostly while on the go. The advanced one-touch operation of the phone ensures that you can easily access all the features. You can also store plenty of images in the memory and enjoy high-resolution images for many years to come.

Apart from the aforementioned key features, the phone offers the users a high-end dual-core 1.5 Mega-pixels camera with f/2.0 optical zoom as well as digital photo support, text-to-html and video recording, and heart rate monitor. With all these impressive features and a price tag to match, it is not surprising that the onerous nord 2 is one of the most sought after mobiles in the current smartphone market. However, the major problem with this handset is that it lacks some key features compared to its competitors like the Nokia E71 and Samsung Galaxy S series. But then, this is one case of over-delivering when it comes to features and the price is pretty affordable even by pocket-friendly standards.

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